OGLaw is a group of law firms with profound expertise in energy, natural resources and infrastructure matters decided to accomplish the ambitious project to combine forces to create a network of law firms in Latin America and Africa.

OGLAW has an unprecedented association with BARROWS COMPANY, the world´s leading oil and gas and mineral law reference library, founded by Industry pioneer Gordon Barrows. The association will give our members access to the most important oil and gas and mineral law legislation and contracts, as well as decisions throughout the world for the last 50 years. The partnership shall also enable the network to access or exchange a considerable amount of important information.

OGLaw and Barrows partnership shall also enable the network to exchange a considerable amount of information and allow access to important information that shall bring an increasing expertise and know how to its members.

Our members shall also exchange professionals on a secondment basis, share data and legal works to be displayed for the members, as well as accessibility to specialized magazines subscriptions and data for legal research.

A board of advisers from all countries comprising of seasoned general counsels and managing partners shall enhance our capabilities and provide us with instant client’s feedback.

Our ultimate goal is to create a highly sophisticated and consistent international legal team familiar not only with domestic but also regional impacts of energy, natural resources and infrastructure matters.

The Alliance is also linked to top ranked law firms across the US, Europe and Asia working on a joint basis, sharing knowledge and market expertise.

We gather a wide array of highly specialized and experienced law firms able to deliver legal services not only to straighforward matters, but also to a higly sophisticated work related to energy, resources and infrastructure industries.


A network of law Ffrms providing a solid worldwide client base in the most significant energy markets, where international lawyers liaise domestic and global clients.


A Management Consulting Board (MCB) composed of seasoned general counsels or senior partners shall meet on a regular basis to find the best solutions for our clients when it comes to provide a state of art work quick feedback and competitive fees.


Member Law Firms shall take the opportunity to use the OGLaw platform and social media tools to display news from their practices, important documents to be accessed by other members and take part in the tutorial videos to show the energy and resources practices in their own jurisdiction.


A joint effort to share legal and business expertise and promote best practices across each jurisdiction combined with a management strategy supported by theManagement Consulting Board to give our members an accurate input as to the best approaches to be made when it comes to provide our clients with a quality service and competitive fees.


OGLaw Alliance seeks as members, full service, highly reputed with a notorious expertise, energy, resources and infrastructure in-country top ranked law firms that are usually midsized for each jurisdiction on an exclusive basis for each practice, preferably one law firm for each jurisdiction.


In addition to giving our members access to the most important oil and gas legislation and contracts the OGLaw and Barrows partnership will enable the member network to exchange a considerable amount of intelligence plus allow access to important information that shall bring an increasing expertise and know how to its members.

PETROBRAS Demands for Equipments and Services and Next Round Bids in Brazil

Brazilian local content policy has been under potential threats due to lack of equipment and services. Supplier’s chain bottlenecks helps to halt oil and gas production, hence causing ANP license rounds delays. The emerging domestic political and economic environment triggers a delicate coexistence between government policy and the need to capitalize PETROBRAS. Petrobras is in need for specific suppliers to fulfill its demands for the next 20 years and the government needs to boost supplying chain web. We present here a list of equipment and services, as well as a brief overview of the environment that surrounds domestic oil and gas market in recent times.

How to Become a Member?

1. The board shall choose target cities for OGLaw network expansion, where the it has no member firms yet.

2. Members or clients can recommend prospective members to the Board of Directors for previously selected jurisdiction.

3. Prospective Members shall be considered eligible as a member of OGLaw Alliance by the Board of Directors if it fullfills each of the requirements bellow:

a. Based in a jurisdiction or city not yet covered by another OGLaw Alliance member.

b. Distinguished expertise in energy, natural resources and infrastructure fields.

c. Mid-sized law firm for its own jurisdiction.

d. Strong reputation among peers.

e. Distinguished reputation for adherence to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.

f. Actively represents clients on energy, natural resources and infrastructure fields.

4. Following initial assessment by the Board of Directors, prospective members are approached to demonstrating its willing or not to join OGLaw.

5. A due diligence must be carried out by OGLaw Recommendation Group, who shall visit perspective member’s premises to learn more about the firm, its team, firm scope and practice areas strengths.

6. After due diligence, the Recommendation Group shall select the best suitable prospective member for OGLaw Alliance.

7. The Board of Directors shall extend an invitation to the suitable prospective member for a three-month experience term.

8. Following the three-month-experience term, the Board of Directors shall invite the suitable prospective member to join OGLaw Alliance.

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